SILLY CAT - New listing

SCHMIDT YACHTING is delighted to announce the addition of the S/Cat SILLY CAT to our listings !

The breakthrough in the catamaran design ICE CAT 61 was born from ICE YACHTS Engineer Enrico Contreas - father of the legendary catamaran Mattia and absolute One of the most experts designers of catamarans .

This relation has guaranteed the planning and development of a new generation of ships. A new multi-hull with stream and launched lines, born from a modern redesign of the legendary Mattia 56 “Sbandato” everyone was surprised that years ago for speed and handling and it become immediately reference for boats with those dimensions .

The lines don’t follows the recent trends, smart design that guarantees the perfect combination form-function : the bows not too much inclined backwards for example, in order to be able to recover mooring without problem. SILLY CAT is a cruising boat, fast, but still cruising, so everything is conceived and positioned at the Right Place for comfort.

Asking price : 1,490,000 Euros