Price reduction - Ice 62 - SUENO

SCHMIDT YACHTING is delighted to inform you of a price reduction of 70'000 Euros for the S/Y Ice 62 SUENO

When Italian Style meets Blue Water Cruising.

Blue water sailing is a concept that encompasses a philosophy. The dark deep blue waters are typical of oceans, far from any shelter. ICE YACHTS designs and builds boats to navigate off-shore with no limits. Originally CNG, then C.N. Yacht 2000 ICE Yachts was finally formed at Alpa, one of the most famous Italian boatyards of all time. Dozens of boats that were built for blue water cruising can still be found sailing the seas today. For example, the ULDB designed by Bill Lee, or Nastro Azzuro, winner of the Colombus Celebrations in 1992, as well as the latest designs by Vallicelli and Felci. The brand ICE YACHTS inherits the knowledge, facilities, and the experience of the past and adds a clear vision of the future. The objective is ultimately to combine the best of the 'Made in Itlay' lifestyle and taste, with technologically sound contruction and the features of a real blue water yacht. 

NEW ASKING PRICE FOR Ice 62 SUENO : 1'395'000 Euros