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Your freedom and expectations above all else.

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Integrity, Competence, and Dynamism

The Schmidt Difference

SCHMIDT YACHTING is characterized by its technical expertise and high-end services in the luxury yachting sector. We make all our skills available to you, ensuring that you can buy, sell, rent, or manage your yacht with confidence.

Geographical Location

SCHMIDT YACHTING is a Swiss company, administered and managed in Switzerland. Fully integrated into the heart of this international and multicultural hub, we look forward to providing you with the advantages of this crossroads of the global economy supported by a strong and stable economy.

Passionate Professionals

With a customer-oriented vision, our goal is to provide you with tailor-made and impeccable service. By consistently adopting a proactive attitude to anticipate your needs, our dedicated employees demonstrate total flexibility to offer you more than you expected.

Customer Relationship as the Driving Force

As a customer, you are at the center of our attention every day. You are our priority, and we dedicate all our energy and commitment to you. This is how we lay the foundation for a trusting relationship conducive to success.

Freedom starts here

More than just a slogan, it's the promise we make to provide you with an exclusive experience, an extraordinary adventure, where your freedom comes first and foremost.

Our corporate culture is based on our historical values that shape our identity:

  • Aligning with the market and meeting our customers' expectations
  • Putting ethics, competence, and service quality at the forefront
  • Offering the widest range of qualified, certified, and recognized specialists for our customers
  • Building a highly reputable brand, a symbol of quality and seriousness
  • Capitalizing on the skills and commitment of our employees
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship at all levels
  • Promoting innovation and unconventional modes of thinking
  • Remaining an independent and private company

Responsible environmental attitude

Engaged in activities related to the sea, we are committed to preserving our planet.

Every day, all of our employees are encouraged to adopt a responsible attitude towards the environment. Therefore, we prioritize products and services that align with a sustainable development perspective.