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Cyclades Yacht Charter

The Cyclades islands beg to be approached by sea, revealing their charms slowly or in a sudden moment of sheer drama. You could see them all in ten days, but chances are you’ll be tempted to linger longer.

Made up of 39 islands in the Aegean Sea, the combination of steady winds, dramatic landscapes and natural harbours makes the Cyclades a perfect sailing destination. Ideally situated for island hopping, these islands are blessed with an astonishing wealth of historical sites and legacies left by countless successive civilisations over the course of five millennia.

Yacht charter made of diversity

From the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos to the rustic and traditional villages of Santorini, all the islands abound with simplicity and charm, but each remains unique. Legend has it the land here was fragmented by Zeus, and each island is in its own little world with its own rhythm.

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Impossible to miss

  • Santorin
    - An undoubted favourite of the Cyclades Islands

    - Resplendent treasures

    - Astounding natural beauty.

Don’t end your Cyclades luxury yacht charter before discovering the archeological sites at Delos. One of the central and most important islands of the chain, Delos is steeped in Greek mythological history and mystery. Contact us now to arrange your bespoke yacht charter.

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