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Located in Northern Europe and shares borders with Sweden, Finland and Russia, Norway is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world. This country offers a unique landscape that combines perfectly the fjords at sea.
In Norway, the sun is still shining at midnight in the summer, the lights are hot and bright, the landscapes and the sweetness brought by the Gulf Stream very early bloom in spring in the fjords ...
Norway offers a special area of navigation ...
If we counted the total perimeter of the coast, more than 25 000 km would be reached! It is not the world's most jagged shoreline.

Norway yacht charter

The attraction of Norway lies especially in his landscapes and it is not as pleasant to enjoy at anchor. This is how we will spend a few nights in tiny islands of bare rock or the fjords background encaisés overhung cliffs drop straight, or even surrounded by the famous multicolored houses delightfully embedded in the landscape.

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Impossible to miss

  • Peaceful..
    - Unique chance to enjoy the most sublime sights of Scandinavia both when underway and at anchor.

    - Unspoiled destination

    - Quiet bays which offer charterers the opportunity to vacation in total peace.

Fabulous scenery to the breathtaking beauty alternating fjord, forests, hills Enjoy winter mysteries of the Northern Lights and in summer the midnight sun. Contact us now to arrange your bespoke yacht charter

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