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The keystone of the Mediterranean, the seven islands of the Republic of Malta lie at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, spanning the gap between the European and African continents. Because of its geographic location, Malta is another Mediterranean melting pot, with influences from England, Italy, North Africa and beyond. Discover the magic during a Malta yacht charter.

Malta is the main island of the three inhabited in the seven-island archipelago. The capital city of Valletta is superb and steeped in history. A World Heritage site, baroque architecture mixes with modern cafes. Malta’s position in the middle of the Med has made her a popular place for navies throughout the centuries; hence the Grand Harbour has become something of legend. Many say it is the most beautiful in the Med.

The keystone of the Med

Comino is the smallest of the Maltese Islands. It has just a handful of permanent residents and one hotel, but what it lacks in humans it makes up for in wildlife. The island is almost one entire nature reserve, with a bird sanctuary and some stunning underwater life along the coastline. Once you have explored the island (on foot as there are no cars), and discovered the 14th-century chapel, you are left with the island’s main attraction – the crystal-clear sea. The cave-strewn coastline has some of the Mediterranean’s most appealing snorkelling and diving sites, and it’s where you will find the renowned Blue Lagoon .

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Impossible to miss

  • GOZO
    -Make note of the stunning scenic hills, rugged coast and beautiful archways.

    -Ġgantija Neolithic temples: A must see on the island

Malta is described as an open-air museum : Malta, Gozo, and Camino are the three mythic islands that make up the Maltese archipelago. The waters are crystal clear and warm, which provide the perfect environment for yacht charter. Contact us now to arrange your bespoke yacht charter

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