The country of a thousand islands ...


Plitvice lakes to the architecture of Dubrovnik and the shores of the Adriatic, visits motifs abound. Islands are so numerous that we can't make the inventory, over a thousand extend over the Adriatic ... wild coves, topaz sea bursts of bougainvillea. Yacht charter is thus the best way to discover this beautiful country and multifaceted places still remained secret.

A unique coatline...

The Istria and Dalmatia odds are bordered by a rocky and stony edge, with the Dinaric Alps in the background. This offers the longest coastline cut some beauty where many coastal villages have become unavoidable appointment seaside ...

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Impossible to miss

  • Fantastic coastlines
    - Exciting and timeless destination.

    - Easily reachable from Switzerland

    - Dalmatian coast offers a plethora of beckoning anchorages feel lonely.

Draped with thousands of islands, each unique in history and charm, the Dalmatian Coast is alluring and delightful boasting a myriad of cafés, historical sites and contemporary art museums. With just 66 islands of a total 1185 inhabited, a yacht charter to the Dalmatian Islands will guarantee seclusion and privacy. Contact us now to arrange your bespoke yacht charter

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