A paradise for the winter

The Caribbean is an idyllic destination for those seeking relaxation in the utmost serenity. With mild weather year-round and over 7,000 lush islands, the Caribbean is a world-renowned destination for yacht charter. With its islands each distinct from the other, it's a true invitation to discovery. It's a sought-after destination by sailors and yacht owners from around the world, offering a unique combination of turquoise seas, fine sandy beaches, vibrant cultures and rich history.

Sublime waters

The crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean are renowned for their gentleness and clarity. Whether it's the vast expanses of deep blue water or the tranquil lagoons, sea enthusiasts find a true paradise here. Sailing in these waters means venturing into a world where each island offers a new adventure, a new panorama, a new story to discover.

A mosaic of islands

From the imposing Cuba to the small yet equally impressive Barbados, each Caribbean island has its own identity. Sailors can choose to venture into the Windward Islands, where islands like Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent offer lush mountains and breathtaking beaches. Alternatively, they can explore the Leeward Islands like the Bahamas, Antigua and Barbuda, which offer a blend of coral reefs, hidden lagoons and dynamic cultures.

A richly woven culture

The history of the Caribbean is a rich tapestry of cultures, influences and events that have shaped the region as it is today. African, European, Native American and even Asian influences are felt in the music, dance, cuisine and traditions. From Jamaican reggae to Trinidadian calypso, from Cuban salsa to Antillean zouk, the rhythms of the Caribbean are an invitation to celebrate life.

Caraibbean Yacht Charter

When the northern hemisphere is engulfed in winter, the Caribbean emerges as the destination where each island offers a multitude of activities. Crystal-clear waters, long white sandy beaches, scuba diving amidst incredible marine life and exploring lush forests. Each island will offer you its best.

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World-class ports and marinas

For yacht owners, the Caribbean offers impressive maritime infrastructure. Modern marinas equipped with all the necessary amenities to accommodate luxury yachts, as well as quaint small ports where sailors can anchor and immerse themselves in local culture, there is an abundance of options. Destinations like Saint Barthélemy, Grenada and Saint Martin are particularly popular for those seeking to combine luxury and adventure.

Abundance of activities

The region is a playground for water sports enthusiasts. Whether it's snorkeling or scuba diving to explore colorful coral reefs, surfing the waves in Barbados, deep-sea fishing in Saint Lucia, or simply relaxing on a secluded beach, there is always something to do.

Our opinion

The Caribbean, a true gem of the Atlantic, offers an unparalleled experience for yacht owners. Imagine sailing on crystal-clear blue waters, where each island reveals a new paradise of pristine beaches and breathtaking vistas. Each stopover is an immersion into a rich culture where music, cuisine, and history intertwine. The modern and well-equipped marinas welcome yachts with warm hospitality.

From thriving coral reefs to vibrant local markets to starry nights at anchor in tranquil bays, the Caribbean promises an unforgettable maritime adventure. For the sailor seeking luxury, discovery, and serenity, the Caribbean is an indispensable destination.

In short

When to visit?

The best time to visit the Caribbean is during the dry season, from November to May. During these months, the weather is generally sunny and mild, with fewer risks of storms or hurricanes. It's also a chance to avoid the humidity and rains of the wet season.

Key destinations

Saint-Barthélemy for luxury, the British Virgin Islands for picturesque anchorages, Antigua with its numerous beaches, Saint Lucia for its majestic Pitons, Grenada for its preserved charm, and Saint Martin for a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Top experiences

Explore the mystical caves of Belize, dive among vibrant corals in Bonaire, dance to the rhythm of reggae in Jamaica, savor the spicy cuisine of Trinidad, relax on the pink beaches of the Bahamas, hike in the tropical rainforest of Dominica, and admire the sunset in Saint Lucia. Truly magical!

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A 32m luxury yacht, IRELANDA promises an outstanding charter experience thanks to her elegant looks and spectacular space on board. Built in 1996 by Alloy Yachts, IRELANDA has stood the test of time and been kept in meticulous condition, offering luxury accommodation for up to 6 guests in 3 suites. IRELANDA features architecture and design by the world famous Dutch Studio Hoek Design. To ensure comfort and security, charters are accompanied by 5 professional crew members with years of experience in the industry. IRELANDA is available for cruising throughout the West Mediterranean during summer season and in the Caribbean during winter!

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CHAMPAGNE HIPPY boasts a majestic 25-meter profile celebrated for her graceful performance, modern design, unwavering safety and opulent onboard features. Built with a GRP hull and superstructure, this Oyster 825 is a powerful sailing yacht capable of covering up to 250 nautical miles per day on long cruising trips. Her teak deck welcomes guests on board, providing a space for admiring panoramic views of the charter destination, dining outdoors and socialising with the other guests on board. Below deck, this yacht features a light-filled, full-width saloon enhanced by the side-sliding glass companionway. She has a luxurious 4 double cabin layout and separate quarters for the 3 crew members.

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Designed by Luca Brenta and built by Wally Yachts, WALLY ONE was launched in 1991 and made a huge splash, revolutionising the Superyacht world. With all the performance capabilities of a maxi-yacht racer, WALLY ONE is not only fast but comfortable, accommodating up to 6 guests in 3 spacious cabins. Accompanied by a crew of 4 ensuring safety and relaxation, this sailing yacht is perfect for a memorable cruise around the Mediterranean between family and friends.

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Recently refitted, ARAOK is fully up to date to give clients the ultimate charter! Nothing is compromised: from her epicurean galley connected to the spacious saloon, to her modular sunbathing deck, ARAOK provides guests with everything they could wish for. This luxury yacht has been crafted for optimal sailing performance as well as comfort. Her innovative layout allows accommodation for up to 6 guests. Enjoyment is always assured on board, with air conditioning, WiFi, and water activities!