The crossroads of cultures

Turkey is a true gem for yacht owners and sailors, distinguished by its dazzling beauty, rich historical heritage and stunning coastline. Between the azure waters of the Aegean Sea and the glistening shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Turkey offers a diversity of marine landscapes and cultures, making each stop a new adventure.

The southern coast of Turkey, known as the Turquoise Coast, is a highly sought-after destination. Its spectacular and varied hidden coves, rustic and authentic villages combine with modern luxury in the warmer regions... Bathed in clear and warm waters that welcome abundant marine life, it's the perfect place for diving and exploring below the waterline.

Natural beauty and stunning coastlines

The Turkish coastline is a paradise for sailors, characterized by secluded bays, golden beaches and emerald waters. The "Turquoise Coast" is particularly renowned for its idyllic panoramas and crystal-clear waters, perfect for diving, swimming and other water activities. Destinations like Bodrum, Antalya and Marmaris are yachting hubs, offering modern marinas and high-quality services.

Rich historical and cultural heritage

Turkey is an open-air museum, featuring exceptional archaeological sites and historical cities such as Istanbul, Ephesus and Troy. Sailors can drop anchor and explore these historical treasures while discovering the country's Ottoman, Byzantine and Roman heritage, reflected in its splendid palaces, elegant mosques and ancient ruins.

Exquisite gastronomy

Turkish cuisine is another major highlight, tantalizing taste buds with its rich and diverse flavors. Yacht owners can savor delicious mezzes, flavorful grills and sweet pastries while enjoying views of serene waters and picturesque coastlines.

Warm hospitality

Turkish hospitality is legendary. Sailors are welcomed with incomparable generosity and cordiality, creating a friendly and convivial atmosphere. Locals are always ready to share their traditions, stories and local knowledge, enriching the visitor's experience.

The perfect blend

With its anchorages and islands conveniently spaced apart, everything is quickly accessible. Of course, with the rich array of viewpoints offered from the deck, you will also be very content staying on board.

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Exquisite mediterranean cuisine

Turkish cuisine is another major attraction, awakening taste buds with its rich and varied flavors. Yacht owners can savor delicious mezzés, savory grills and sweet pastries, while enjoying views of serene waters and picturesque coastlines.

Unique nautical experiences

Sailing in Turkey also means enjoying unique nautical experiences. Whether it's exploring the numerous islands and hidden coves, indulging in fishing in the abundant waters, or relaxing in natural thermal baths, the possibilities are endless for creating memorable memories.

Our opinion

With the harmony of its rich history and the splendor of its shores, Turkey stands as a must-visit destination for yacht owners and sailors. It's a place where cultural discovery meets luxurious relaxation, where every moment spent on the water or on land reveals a new facet of this captivating country.

In summary, with its cultural treasures, stunning coastlines, unmatched hospitality, and high-end yachting services, Turkey promises an extraordinary sailing experience, marked by discovery and wonder.

In short

When to visit?

The best time to visit Turkey is during the spring and autumn months, particularly from May to June and from September to October. During these times, the climate is pleasant, the winds are favorable, and the sites are less crowded, allowing for a serene and enriching exploration of the Turkish coastline.

Key destinations

Charming Bodrum, with its modern marinas, historic Antalya, with its splendid beaches, exotic Marmaris, known for its vibrant nightlife and Göcek, with its tranquil bays and crystal-clear waters. These places offer a cultural, historical and natural diversity for a comprehensive maritime adventure.

Top experiences

Turkey offers exploration of picturesque coastlines, hidden coves and archaeological sites like Ephesus. Savoring local cuisine in Bodrum, discovering the rich history of Istanbul, and enjoying vibrant nightlife in Marmaris are unforgettable experiences on this enchanting coastline.

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