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Part of the same group as SCHMIDT YACHTING, SCHMIDT IMMOBILIER also provides high-level performance, combined with impeccable service. The company boasts a panel of highly qualified and certified professionals working in all real estate sectors. Guarantors of quality as well as representatives of professional expertise, they devote all their energy to the perfect fulfilment of every mission.

Perfectly aware of the importance of synergies between networks, SCHMIDT YACHTING relies on a complementary network to offer comprehensive solutions to its customers.



"SCHMIDT YACHTING is distinguished by the expertise of a dedicated team of passionate professionals who pursue their profession every day with integrity, skill and dynamism. We capitalise on our experience, our profound knowledge of our market and the quality of services that we provide to build a privileged relationship of trust with each of our clients." Grégoire Schmidt


SCHMIDT Yachting is distinguished by its technical expertise and high quality services in the luxury yachting industry. We put all of our skills at your disposal for you so that you can purchase, sell, rent or have your yacht managed in full confidence.



SCHMIDT Yachting is a Swiss company, administered and managed in Switzerland. Fully integrated into the heart of this international, multicultural location, we are delighted to be able to bring you the benefits of this global crossroads, supported by a strong and stable economy.



With a customer focused vision, our  objective is to provide you with a personalised and flawless service.

With a fully proactive attitude in order to anticipate your needs, our committed employees demonstrate full flexibility to offer you much more than what you might be expecting.

Talented, honest and motivated; everyone contributes their own personality and expertise, an essential contribution to the success of our business, and are fully committed to your well-being and the success of your objectives.



As a customer, you are the focus of our attention everyday. Our growing experience continuously strengthens our ability to understand you and allows us to best fulfil your expectations. You are our priority, and so we provide you with all our energy and dedication. This is how we see the foundations of a relationship of trust conducive to success.



More than a simple slogan, this is our promise to provide you with an exclusive experience, an extraordinary adventure, in which your freedom is paramount.



Our corporate culture is based on our historical values ​​that forge our identity.

  • To align ourselves with the market and our clients' expectations
  • To uphold ethics, competence and quality of service

  • To provide the widest range of qualified, certified and renowned specialists for our customers

  • To develop a renowned brand, symbol of quality and professionalism

  • To capitalise on the skills and commitment of our employees

  • To encourage entrepreneurship at all levels

  • To foster innovation and novel ways of thinking

  • To remain an independent and private company



As our professional activity is related to the sea, preserving our planet is close to our heart.

Every day, our employees are encouraged to adopt a responsible attitude towards the environment. Thus, we prefer products and services that are part of a sustainable development approach.

Our commitments

SCHMIDT YACHTING and the EDEN foundation

Supporting orphaned children in distress

SCHMIDT YACHTING has partnered with the Eden Foundation, a Swiss-based NGO whose goal is to support the Bergerie orphanage in Cotonou, Benin. This NGO works to improve the lives of children at a disadvantage by donating logistical and financial support to all the infrastructure of the Bergerie, namely the orphanage, a school and a health care centre.

Deeply affected by the living conditions of these orphaned children, we decided to commit long term to contribute to their well-being, to support them and to accompany them in their journey to adulthood.

We also offer our customers, employees and partners the possibility to join us in our efforts with concrete and regular activities exclusively for the benefit of these children.

BGYB - Our historical partner

BGYB - Bernard Gallay Yacht Brokerage

Bernard Gallay is a long-standing partner.



Historically, our relationship is built on the close friendship between the Gallay and Schmidt families. The relationship has lasted for many years. Sharing the same human values, it is with great pleasure that we work closely every day on our shared passion to serve our customers.