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A breakthrough in Catamaran design.

ICE CAT 61 was created by ICE YACHTS and naval architect Enrico Contreas, creator of the legendary Catamaran "Mattia" and an expert at the forefront of catamaran design. Luigi Cirillo , a young yacht designer , worked a lot with Enrico Contreas, especially on the new, bright interior.

Together, ICE YACHTS and Contreas brought about the creation of a new generation of catamarans, from which ICE CAT 61 was born. A new streamlined multihull, inspired by the legendary Mattia 56, ‘Sbandato’. The same Mattia 56 that astonished with her speed and maneuverability and became a reference point for a quality boat in this class.

Straying from recent trends, ICE CAT 61 instead concentrates on assuring harmony between form and function. ICE CAT 61 is built for cruising ; fast and aesthetic.

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ICE YACHT builds boats with greener and safer technologies; Infusion, epoxy, hybrid fabrics glass/carbon directly translate into enhanced performances and safety, as the ease of boat handling is improved.18.60, 8.20, 1.00 are the reference dimensions for this catamaran, guarantying great performance, stability and a livability in the interior and exterior areas. 

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ICE Yachts

Ice Cat 61

18.6 m - 61.02 ft

8.20 m

1.00 - 2.50 m

2 x 55 HP " S " Drive

Hull material


Price on application

Main features

The aerodynamic shape of the deckhouse reduces wind grip by increasing performance
The rigid structure in carbon, in addition to the qualities of strength, allows maximum lightness
The curved drifts are standard : they increase the hydrodynamic effect of lift and allow you to gain space inside
 Safety : four watertight walls isolate the bow and stern of the living spaces of the two hulls
Windows in real glass for maximum brightness without distortion and degradation over time

Although the mast reaches 23 m of height the sail plan results both easy to handle and efficient. The control of the catamaran it is even easier thanks to the mainsail sheet on its car, the electrically powered solent sheet and the self-tacking system. The Gennaker is the only sail left on manual winches, but could be upgraded to an electric-powered system. Hulls, appendages and sail’s efficiency will allow the cat to sail upwind with headings close to 30 degrees to the wind. Finally the power to weight ratio and hull slenderness guarantees the Cat to exceed speeds of 25 kts. For the Super-Fast Sailors a Full carbon option is available, resulting in great weight savings. Finally an innovative diesel/electric prolusion system that is currently being developed. 

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