A sensory journey to the 1950s

Nestled in the heart of the Caribbean, Cuba stretches majestically between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. Dreamy beaches and mountains, plains covered with sugar cane and paradisiacal islets, architectural riches and above all, a warm and cheerful population. Described as the most beautiful land discovered by Christopher Columbus, Cuba is a truly magical and open country. Discovering it by yacht charter will remain a unique experience. With its rich cultural heritage and colonial cities, it offers a unique maritime experience.

Azure waters and iconic ports

The Cuban coastline is a paradise for sea lovers. The translucent waters are teeming with marine life, offering exceptional diving opportunities, while the coastline, dotted with islands and cays, invites exploration. Whether it's the Jardines de la Reina archipelago or the Canarreos Islands, each anchorage has its share of wonders.

Havana, the capital, is the ideal starting point for a Cuban adventure. Its historic port, sheltered by the El Morro fortress, welcomes yachts from around the world. Other ports like Cienfuegos, known as the "Pearl of the South" or Santiago de Cuba, offer a deep immersion into the Cuban soul.

Living history at every corner

The historical richness of Cuba is palpable. Navigators can wander through the cobbled streets of Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed city or marvel at the colonial buildings of Camagüey. Each port of call is a journey through time, recounting the island's saga from Spanish conquistadors to the Cuban revolution.

Modern amenities for yachts

Although Cuba retains an old-world atmosphere, infrastructure for yachts is continually improving. Marinas like Marina Hemingway in Havana, Marina Gaviota in Varadero or Marina Cienfuegos offer modern facilities, ensuring a comfortable stay for crews and passengers.

Rum, salsa, and cigars, a revolutionary destination!

Cuba has long been isolated from the world, especially for yacht charters. But today, Cuba is opening its doors, and I assure you that it's time to visit.

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Culinary delights to savor

Cuban cuisine is an exquisite blend of Spanish, African, and Caribbean influences. Navigators can taste traditional "ropa vieja," savor fresh seafood or venture into a local "paladar" for an authentic culinary experience. Accompanied by world-renowned Cuban rum, every meal is a celebration.

Music and dance: the soul of Cuba

Cuba pulses to the rhythms of salsa, son cubano, and rumba. Evenings in coastal cities often offer the opportunity to dance to the tunes of a live band, whether in the lively clubs of Havana or the intimate taverns of Holguín. It's the perfect opportunity to mingle with the locals and feel the Cuban passion.

Our opinion

Cuba is a destination that combines the charm of the old world with the natural beauty of the Caribbean. For yacht owners and sailors, it's an opportunity to explore an island that, despite its geographical proximity, sometimes feels like it belongs to another era. From crystal-clear waters to cobblestone streets, from lively rhythms to tranquil evenings under the stars, Cuba promises a maritime adventure like no other. Cast off your lines and let the Cuban spirit guide you in an unforgettable dance through its turquoise waters!

In short

When to visit?

Opt for the months of November to April: during this dry season, the climate is pleasant, and temperatures are moderate. From May to October, the rainy season brings frequent showers and an increased risk of hurricanes, especially between August and October.

Key destinations

Sail to Havana with its historic port; Varadero for its crystal-clear waters; the Jardines de la Reina archipelago, a diving paradise; Cienfuegos, the "Pearl of the South" and the Canarreos archipelago, offering idyllic islands.

Top experiences

Beyond the landscapes and historic cities, it's the Cubans who give the island its unique charm. Renowned for their hospitality and warmth, encounters with locals enrich every stop, offering an authentic glimpse of life on this mysterious island.

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